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Innovatech law firm is located in Barcelona (Spain), and is specialized in issues related to Innovation, Technology, and Intellectual property. We also advice to our clients on legal aspects of Life Science, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Law, Software, Telecommunication, e-Commerce and e-Businesses, Commercial law, Privacy, Security, Information Technologies and Communications, Investments, Venture Capital, Mergers and Acquisitions; as well as Company, Tax, and Employment Law. We also provide the full range of legal services to the start-ups: companies, located in Spain with an international project or international companies located abroad having identified interests in Spain.

Our purpose is to provide a high quality advice to the companies in the challenging and quickly-changing business environment.

We want to be perceived as members of the team of our clients, having a proper understanding of their businesses, and coaching the process of creation, development and growth of their enterprises from a legal perspective.

We feel ourselves as a highly motivated and enthusiastic Law Firm, with high quality standards due to the broad international experience of our founder; flexible to the global economy changes, and quick to adapt to our clients’ needs.

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Bioncotech Therapeutics

Damià Tormo

Managing Partner

Bioncotech Therapeutics

Innovatech Law Firm has been providing legal advice to Bioncotech since 2010 and we can definitely give an excellent feedback about their work and effort to provide us with the maximum value. Our collaboration with the Managing Partner Javier Merino has been really productive. It is especially valuable for us […]